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5.14 Release

Last Updated: April 27, 2020

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Account Upgrade Schedule

OneTrust application environments are upgraded based on our maintenance schedule. For more information about upcoming scheduled maintenance for your account, please see Scheduled Maintenance or contact OneTrust Support.

CookiePro 5.14.0 – March 18, 2020

Data Subject Requests and Consumer Rights


  • Allow consumers to remain signed into the Privacy Portal on their devices for up to 60 days.
  • Provide custom guidance text and messaging for the Email Confirmation page.
  • Seeded web form template with guidance based on country input to assist with global privacy laws applicable to the jurisdiction.
  • Readily identify which data fields have been pre-populated via OpenID Connect integration.
  • Seeded guidance text in the Rules tab to assist with request automation rules.
  • Surface data subject replies in the Request Queue that require approver attention with the Attention Required saved view.
  • Download attachments from the Results Summary.
  • Create requests on the behalf of a data subject from the OneTrust Admin Console.
  • The Request Queue now supports date filtering for the following dynamic values: -Today -Yesterday -Last Seven Days


  • Dashboard widgets configured to show the number of subtasks in each status now display data accurately.
  • Reference the error source for failed API calls with a trace ID.
  • When files are deleted according to the data retention policy, the system is identified as the assigned user as expected.
  • Duplicate requests are no longer created if the web form submission button is clicked multiple times.
  • All active subtasks generated for a request are now visible in the request details irrespective of their status.
  • Format customization is now retained on the web form Thank You page.
  • Country abbreviations are no longer appended to phone numbers when the Request Queue is exported.
  • Web form automation rules used to dynamically set the request deadline now work as expected.
  • Web forms now correctly display their corresponding publish status.
  • Email notifications now reflect the branding of the organization level processing the request.
  • The email verification status for a request now updates as expected when workflow stages are moved manually.
  • Modification of the request details by admins will no longer overwrite existing request details submitted by data subjects.
  • Data subjects will now only receive email notifications respective to their number of submitted requests.

Things to Know

  • Some translations may be missing for the Privacy Portal Login page.
  • Checkmarks for pre-populated fields may disappear when switching user language sessions.
  • Some fields which were not updated from the Edit Request modal may be created in the History tab.
  • Some visibility rules for multi-select options may not be maintained when the web form user language is changed.

Cookie Consent


  • Update the name and organization of a template from the Template Details page.
  • Map Collection Points by domain, Geolocation Rule, and Template to provide more granular consent receipts.
  • Transactions now contain IAB TCF 1.1 and 2.0 Purposes and Special Features.
  • Consent Transactions are now created for instances when users do not interact or are not provided a choice.
  • Selecting Allow All in the Preference Center now enables all Purposes, Cookie Categories, Vendors, and Hosts.
  • For technical details, see Cookie Consent Technical Notes.


  • Banner button is translated as expected.
  • Branding overwrite now behaves as expected.
  • Custom CSS is no longer being overwritten.
  • CCPA groups are translated as expected.
  • Collection Points are created with the correct organizational hierarchy.
  • Migrating a domain behaves as expected.
  • Link to documentation has been corrected.
  • Cookie Categories are behaving as expected.
  • Translations for IAB TCF 2.0 behave as expected.

Cookie Consent Technical Notes

The following code changes were made to implement changes for the 5.14 release.

Script Changes



Preference Center HTML


Banner HTML


Mobile Consent


Publisher SDK

  • Added support for applications written in Objective C (iOS).
  • Improved performance when loading Preference Center.
  • Created New SDK initialization to fix settings overrides on first app launch.
  • Added support for Android Support Library (Android, version 5.12+).
  • Created a public method to override default pinch and zoom accessibility setting.
  • Added IAB CCPA examples to sample application.

Headless SDK

  • Added new public method to return consent value for SDK Category ID.
  • Added a new public method to return consent value for SDK ID.
  • Added a new public method to Accept and Withdraw consent for all SDK Categories.


  • Added email notification when application scan has completed.
  • Added Alert Center notification when application scan has completed.