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5.13 Release

Last Updated: March 31, 2020

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CookiePro 5.13 - February 25, 2020

Data Subject Requests and Consumer Rights

  • Map scopes and claims from external identity providers that support OpenId Connect (OIDC) to pre-populate web form fields.
  • Send automated public comments to data subjects when advancing to a new workflow stage.
  • Seeded web form template with guidance to assist with LGPD configurations.
  • Seeded web form template with guidance to assist with the following CCPA Fast Track workflows:
    • Access Workflow
    • Deletion Workflow
    • Do Not Sell Workflow
  • Filter the results of API calls by creation date to search for requests created on or after a specified date (documented in the OneTrust Developer Portal).
  • Subtask names now appear with the assigned request approver's comment in the request activity stream.
  • First name and last name fields can now be removed from web forms to prevent unnecessary collection of personally identifiable information.
  • Manually add Targeted Data Discovery data points to a results summary without needing to create groups through API calls.
  • Customize web form favicons to display organization logos in the browser tab.
  • District of Columbia (D.C.) is now an available selection in the web form state field.
  • Allow iframe web forms to transmit form submission information to their host website to support "Do Not Sell" in both front end and downstream applications in a single action.
  • Custom data values now export from the Request Queue as expected.
  • Creating and saving workflows in new languages now works as expected.
  • Requests from a root organization now display in the My Requests view for all assigned sub users regardless of role.
  • Number list formats now appear as expected in the Privacy Portal.
  • Request creation through an API call can no longer create requests for deleted web forms.
  • Filled web form fields now consistently pass through when editing requests.
  • DSAR reports filtered by custom stages no longer generate a blank report.
  • The Request Queue Export function is restored for all exports and downloads and now works as expected.
  • Required phone number field only appears as red if there’s no value or an incorrect value in the field.
  • Adding a value for the Extended filter in the DSAR dashboard widget now works as expected.
Things to Know
  • Fields pre-populated by mapping scopes from an external identity provider can be edited from the Edit Request modal.
  • Not all fields pre-populated by mapping scopes from an external identity provider will display check marks in the Data Subject Request Details screen.
  • If a request approver manually moves a workflow with automated comments to the next stage, they will need to refresh the Data Subject Request Details screen to see that the automated comment has been sent.
  • CCPA Fast Track workflows do not currently support values for Last Updated By and Created By.

Universal Consent and Preference Management

  • Added translation labels for Custom Preferences that can be used on embedded preference centers.
  • Added a new field to the Data Subject profile for the last date updated.

Cookie Consent and Mobile Consent

New Cookie Consent
  • Added collapsible menus to all template types to allow for a more layered approach to presenting information.
Mobile Consent
  • Generate debug log files for troubleshooting.
  • Retrieve and save content from API to device for the Headless SDKs (Android and iOS).Introduce a number of public methods for the Headless SDKs (Android and iOS).
  • Return user interface.
  • Return user's geolocation.
  • Display banner based on geolocation.
  • Update consent values.
  • Introduce support for saving consent status changes to device memory and update consent logging on the server for the Headless SDKs.
Fixed Cookie Consent
  • A number of accessibility improvements have been made.
    • Aria roles now behave as expected.
    • Background text images now have textual equivalents.
    • The focus indicator now behaves as expected.
    • Dialogs can now be closed from the keyboard.
  • Languages now appear in menus as expected in the Legacy workflow.
  • Domain scanning behaves as expected.
  • Scanner search logic has been improved.
  • The ReadMe file is now included with the local download.
  • Strictly Necessary Cookies are labeled Always Active when added to a sub-group.
  • Organization of Geolocation Rules now behaves as expected.
  • User Permissions have been cleaned up.
  • Category IDs are handled as expected.
  • Deleting Domains in the Legacy workflow behaves as expected.
Mobile Consent
  • Advanced language support now works as expected for the iOS Headless SDK.
  • Reject All now functions as expected for the iOS Headless SDK.