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5.12 Release

Last Updated: March 31, 2020

Product Update Webinars

OneTrust periodically hosts product update webinars to demonstrate new features to our users. If you weren't able to attend a webinar, you can view a recording of it later on. For a list of upcoming webinars, see Upcoming Webinars. To view recordings of past webinars, see Webinars.


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Account Upgrade Schedule

OneTrust application environments are upgraded based on our maintenance schedule. For more information about upcoming scheduled maintenance for your account, please see Scheduled Maintenance or contact OneTrust Support.

CookiePro 5.12 - February 3, 2020

Data Subject Requests and Consumer Rights

  • Manually add additional data points to a Targeted Data Discovery (TDD) results summary.
  • Integrate custom ID Verification systems into the DSAR request workflow using the OneTrust ID Verification API.
  • For more information, see the OneTrust ID Verification Framework Guide.
  • Enhanced DSAR request API to programmatically submit a consumer request from a remote system and validate creation status.
  • Send notification emails to remind data subjects to verify their email address before their request expires.
  • Update verification methods on requests from an external system or from integration workflows (documented in the OneTrust developer portal).
  • Subtasks from rejected requests no longer appear as being assigned to users in DSAR reports.
  • The Edit Request modal now appears as expected when creating multiple email fields for a web form.
  • Saving new changes to subject or request types without publishing no longer affects the existing published web form during submission.
  • The dateUpdated field in the GET Request by ID endpoint no longer appears as null in the timestamp.
  • Retention policy settings will no longer allow invalid configurations.
  • Pasting text in the email field on a web form no longer affects web form submission.

Universal Consent and Preference Management

  • Added a filter for the Cookie Banner collection point type to the list view of Collection Points.
  • Withdrawing consent for a Data Subject for all Purposes can now be done with a single action.
  • All transactions are posted through an Administrative Update Collection Point.
Things to Know
  • The Activity log does not show changes to Topic or Preference Selections for this release.

Cookies and Mobile Consent

  • Utilize the Mobile Consent SDK for compliance with IAB CCPA Compliance Framework.
  • Rewrite iframe tags based on user consent using integrated iframe blocking.
  • FixedAuto-Blocking now updates as expected.
  • Downloaded scripts now reflects changes as expected.
  • The cookie banner will be consistently displayed if the eupubconsent cookie is expired.
  • Integration with BounceX now behaves as expected.
  • The wording on the IAB Template has been updated.
  • Login settings for sub-domains are now saved as expected.
  • The site scanner now retries scans to detect links that are slow to load.
  • Saving a template after adding a new language now behaves as expected.
  • Banner buttons are visible on mobile phone browsers.
  • Purposes, features, and usage information no longer repopulate when changing languages.
  • Preference center header now appears as expected.
  • The Accept button is now aligned as expected.Improved performance for banner publishing.
  • Improved performance for the Scan Results page.
  • Site scanning using a sitemap file now works as expected.
  • First- and third-party cookies are now categorized as expected.