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5.10 Release

Last Updated: March 31, 2020

Product Update Webinars

OneTrust periodically hosts product update webinars to demonstrate new features to our users. If you weren't able to attend a webinar, you can view a recording of it later on. For a list of upcoming webinars, see Upcoming Webinars . To view recordings of past webinars, see Webinars.


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Account Upgrade Schedule

OneTrust application environments are upgraded based on our maintenance schedule. For more information about upcoming scheduled maintenance for your account, please see Scheduled Maintenance or contact OneTrust Support.

CookiePro 5.10.0 - December 23, 2019



  • OneTrust SCIM support now includes filtering for the following personal identifiers:
    • ID
    • External ID
    • Username
    • Email address


  • Update integration system credentials using external third-party applications (documented in the OneTrust developer portal).
  • Attach files to data subject and consumer requests by sending them to a webhook.


  • Create dashboard widgets to reflect consent collection point statistics.
  • Track changes in assessments using column reports for improved metric analysis and organization management.


  • Integration workflows now populate the correct corresponding steps when Apply to Each action is configured.
  • Integration workflow names now display consistently across the application.
  • Date formats are now consistent between columns in reports.
  • Widgets configured with custom incident attributes now display data accurately.
  • Interface enhancements to improve and standardize the look and feel of the application.
  • User experience, validation, and performance enhancements to improve and standardize expected application behaviors.
  • Terminology and text formatting enhancements for improved readability and understanding.

Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR)


  • Disable public-facing web form links and specify a redirect URL to another web form or web site to control what a consumer sees when clicking on a disabled web form link.
  • Enable masking to protect personal information on web form fields and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data.
  • Custom input form fields now support up to 5000 characters.


  • Workflows sharing the same stage name no longer populate duplicate filters in the request queue view.
  • Geolocation setting for country and phone number form fields now works as expected.
  • Auto-fill setting for state form fields now works as expected.
  • Character limit is now consistent for request type fields upon initial creation and during editing.
  • Content on the View Subtask modal of activated workflows now appears as expected.

Universal Consent and Preference Management


  • Updated the Data Subject Details screen for usability and additional functionality for managing data subject details and consent status.


  • Improved messaging for processing changes to data subject details and consent status.
  • The Link Token API call now supports filtering to get the token for an individual data subject (documented in the OneTrust Developer Portal).

Cookie Consent and Mobile Consent


  • Configure a listener in the Mobile SDK to notify when a user's consent status has changed.
  • Request reconsent from mobile users when republishing the SDK.
  • Create records of user consent by logging the preferences selected by mobile users.


  • Improved compliance with ADA/WCAG accessibility standards for keyboard navigation and compatibility with screen reading technology.
  • Updated IAB Transparency and Consent Framework template configuration with addition default content including required purpose descriptions and IAB terms and conditions.
  • Banner CSS no longer overwrites custom CSS implemented on the site.