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Set up Google Tag Manager to control which scripts are loaded based on consent preferences selected by visitors.
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Google Tag Manager

Tag management systems such as Google Tag Manager make it simple to add scripts to a website.  However, a lot of scripts load cookies which may be considered non-necessary according to GDPR and CCPA.  Therefore, website owners must first collect consent prior to dropping certain cookies to ensure compliance with various privacy regulations.

One of the ways CookiePro helps websites remain compliant with data privacy regulations is by providing sites with an easy to deploy cookie banner.

CookiePro can be integrated with Google Tag Manager so receiving consent becomes the trigger that drops cookies. This makes it easy for webmasters to set their websites to only drop cookies after the user has given permission for it to do so.

As CookiePro allows website visitors to choose which type of cookies they want to accept, webmasters can set triggers for each group of cookies. These are strictly necessary, performance, functional, or targeting cookies.  If a user only gives permission for strictly necessary cookies, only that type of cookie will be triggered and, therefore, dropped.

If you want more information about how CookiePro works alongside Google Tag Manager, we have produced a technical guide that you can read here.

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