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Add CookiePro to your site and start tracking how visitors interact with your consent notice in Google Analytics.
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Google Analytics

CookiePro automatically provides Google Analytics users with event tracking data so you can monitor how visitors are interacting with the CookiePro cookie notice and preference center on your website. This data can help you to perform A/B testing and assist with future decision making.

We have included a pre-built set of Event Categories, Actions, and Labels. Once the CookiePro script is installed on your site, you will start to see the events appearing in your Google Analytics reports (so long as the visitor has accepted the category of cookies that Google Analytics is categorized under).


To View Event Tracking Reports

In the Behavior tab, you can analyze the previously collected data.


The default behavior of the Behavior section is to show data up until the day before the current date. If you don’t see your data, double-check the date range selected.

  1. Set up your Cookie Banner and/or Preference Center.
  2. In Google Analytics, select Behavior > Events > Top Events.

    CookiePro Google Analytics Top Event

  3. Under Event Category, select Behavior, then Event Label.

    Google Analytics Cookie Event Label

  4. Select OneTrust Cookie Consent.  A table will appear showing the relevant Event Actions for your cookie banner and preference center as well as statistics by Event.

    Google Analytics CookiePro


Google Analytics Questions
Can I prevent events from being sent to Google Analytics?

To prevent events from being sent to Google Analytics, add the following attribute to the Cookie Banner script.

Can I view cookie consent events in real-time from Google Analytics?

Yes – this is a great way to test that everything is working properly on your site.  To view events in real-time, follow these steps:

  1. Set up your Cookie Banner and/or Preference Center.
  2. In Google Analytics, select Realtime > Events.
  3. Go to the website the Google Tag Manager instance is present on.
  4. Change the consent settings in your Preference Center. You will see the events in real-time with the event category, action, and label.

CookiePro Google Analytics

Why can I not gather data when using an opt-in consent model?

Customers may encounter an issue with not being able to gather any Google Analytics data when the Google Analytics tag is associated with an ‘Activate – Performance Cookies’ trigger.


  1. Create a trigger group within Google Tag Manager with the following triggers within the trigger group: Window loaded and Block – Performance Cookies (Note: make sure the trigger group fires on all conditions).
  2. Then assign the trigger group to the Google Analytics tag and publish the changes in GTM.

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