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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there implementation fees?

    CookiePro offers multiple implementation options. Most users with some technical knowledge can easily implement the solution at no additional cost with our technical guides, documentation and free webinars. We also offer a Quick Start implementation program and professional service hours for additional fees from our technical team or our community of resellers.

  • Can I add several small websites to 1 subscription?

    Prices are per domain. Each domain requires one subscription.

  • Can I cancel at anytime?

    Yes. Cancel at any time. Payments are applied at the beginning of your monthly subscription, and partial payments are not refunded if you cancel in the middle of a billing period.

  • Does CookiePro Integrate with Marketo?

    Yes!  If you use Marketo to manage your site’s landing page, you can add third party scripts, such as your CookiePro banner to the page.

    Setup Instructions

  • Does CookiePro Integrate with Salesforce DMP?

    Yes! Salesforce DMP is a tool where you can dynamically track and analyze engagement with your site. Within the DMP framework, Salesforce has created an infrastructure for GDPR compliance which allows external systems to dynamically load content based on a set of pre-defined purposes.

    You can integrate your CookiePro banner script with Salesforce DMP to capture data subject consent for your banner and dynamically control the content shown to site visitors. The consent passed through Salesforce DMP can be passed to third party applications to ensure all content shown to site visitors is compliant with the preferences selected.

    Setup Instructions

  • Does CookiePro Integrate with Weebly?

    Yes!  If you use Weebly to manage your website, you can add the CookiePro Cookie Banner script to your theme header, along with the scripts for tag managers your organization uses.

    Setup Instructions

  • How do I upgrade my Free Edition?

    If you would like to upgrade to Starter, Standard or Enterprise, from Free, simply select the edition you would like to purchase on the pricing page and click “buy now”. Once you enter the email associated with your existing free account, simply follow the checkout process, enter your payment details and you will have access to your new edition!

  • I’ve purchased a CookiePro Subscription. What’s next?

    You are one step closer to cookie compliance. You will receive the following notifications via email:

    • Purchase invoice
    • Link to your CookiePro account with login credentials
    • Welcome email to join the CookiePro Community
  • Is a Contract Required?

    No contracts. No hidden fees.

  • What is included in the Free Edition?

    The free edition of CookiePro includes the key features businesses need to be cookie compliant under privacy regulations like ePrivacy and the GDPR. In the free edition, you will receive one domain with up to 100 subpages. You will have access to all starter and standard features.

  • Why does CookiePro have a DPA?

    Our market / buyers expect us to have a DPA (Data Processing Agreement) given the high focus of our offering for GDPR.

    While we don’t take the data you store within the cookie application and do anything with it, we do have subprocessors (e.g. Salesforce, SendGrid) that are used to manage and process account information (e.g. the community, send emails from the application)