BLOG | Cookie Compliance | February 10, 2021

Website Scanning: Find Hidden Cookies & Trackers on Your Website

A robust website scanning tool is the easiest way to detect hidden cookies and tracking technologies on your website or mobile application....

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A robust website scanning tool is the easiest way to detect hidden cookies and tracking technologies on your website or mobile application. Applicable privacy laws like GDPR, ePrivacy Directive, and many other regulations, require websites to inform users about the types of cookies in use and obtain consent before placing any trackers.

In order to inform users of cookies, the first thing you need to do is identify not just the cookies your website is using, but also any cookies third-party services place on your website and set on your users’ browsers. Scan your website using CookiePro’s Website Scanner and check off the first step in organizing and owning website content to ensure compliance.

Gain Visibility into Your Site with CookiePro

A website scanner is a piece of software that allows you to scan websites and domains for cookies and other tracking technologies. A deep scanning tool like CookiePro’s website scanner will allow you to identify types of cookies and identify first- and third-party cookies, tags, trackers, pixels, beacons and more.

How Scanning Works

Cookie compliance with the CCPA and GDPR is only possible when you collect valid consent and provide the appropriate information when requested.

Our CookiePro website scanner works by:

  1. Scanning your websites for cookies and other tracking technologies.
  2. Configuring your cookie banner and preference center.
  3. Enabling ongoing monitoring by scheduling scans of your website to keep your policy updated.

Benefits of a Website Scanner Tool

Scan & Identify Cookies and Tracking Technologies

An automated website scan tool allows you to use data to better understand the privacy health of your website. Once you add a website domain you can uncover first- and third-party cookies, privacy policies, cookie notices, tags, beacons, local storage objects, and other tracking technologies. CookiePro scans within your domain, sub-domain, and behind basic authentication login pages.

Categorize Cookies and Trackers

CookiePro’s Website Scanner is the most widely used cookie scanner tool. Allowing you to easily scan and categorize your cookies. Every website is scanned against Cookiepedia, the world’s largest database of over 30 million pre-categorized cookies and trackers. Identify the cookies and tracking technologies present on your website through an interactive dashboard and categorize them based on function. The categories allow site visitors to consent to cookies by category in your preference center. Additionally, you can automate the categorization process of behaviour tracking technologies on your website.

Schedule Future Scans

With CookiePro you can schedule scans on a regular basis for ongoing monitoring and keep your team updated on any changes. Once you sign up to schedule a future scan, you’ll receive an email notification for future reference.

Start your Website Scan Today!

CookiePro’s FREE website scanner is the most powerful solution with flexible tracking and reporting capabilities. With our website scanner tool, you can achieve cookie compliance in a few steps. Try for yourself for free today!

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