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OneTrust, Parent Company of CookiePro, Achieves World’s First ISO 27701 Certification

OneTrust completed the certification process quickly and efficiently by using the OneTrust Privacy Management suite of technology to demonstrate internal privacy program accountability under the ISO 27701 standards.

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OneTrust earned the ISO 27701 certification by completing audits using OneTrust’s own Privacy Management technology to document and demonstrate compliance regarding the processing of personal information.

OneTrust, the parent company of CookiePro, is the world’s first Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) to receive the ISO 27701 certification, the privacy extension of the ISO 27001 that establishes privacy controls and for the processing of personal data. This certification may likely become the foundation for future GDPR certifications.

The ISO 27701 is built on top of ISO 27001, which has more than 60,000 organizations have certified to date. This standard recommends organizations include information security and the protection of personal data requirements into their management system activities.

The certification is expected to be the first privacy management certification to get mainstream adoption and may serve as a basis for upcoming GDPR certifications.

Specifically, ISO 27701 details the necessary provisions for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving a PIMS. ISO 27701 provides practical guidance that can be used by personal data controllers, (including joint personal data controllers) and personal data processors (including those using subcontractors) to manage their privacy program.

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