CookiePro Blog June 15, 2020

IAB CCPA Data Deletion Specs Released

With the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) enforcement date around the corner (July 1), the IAB Tech Lab recently launched its technical spec for CCPA data deletion requests.

Publishers that must follow CCPA guidelines are now able to allow users to request the deletion of their data through a button or link hosted on their website which is then signaled to vendors who then perform the deletion.  

Overview of the IAB CCPA Compliance Framework

Last year, the IAB Privacy and Compliance Unit drafted the IAB CCPA Compliance Framework to help digital publishers and their supply chain partners comply with the CCPA. 

The IAB CCPA Compliance Framework creates a relationship between digital properties and the downstream framework participants to enforce limitations on the use of data and mechanisms when a consumer opts-out of the sale of their information.

Companies that collect and sell California residents’ personal information and operate websites must provide a clear and conspicuous link or button on their website, titled “Do Not Sell My Personal Information.” that allows consumers to opt-out of the sale of their personal information. 

IAB CCPA Data Deletion Specs  

With the new IAB CCPA data deletion spec, publishers are able to automate, manage and route these requests downstream to third-party vendors. The technical spec also provides vendors serving as a publisher’s service provider a standard way to listen for requests that come from publisher pages. 

On June 1, the California attorney general submitted the final proposed regulations for the CCPA to the California Office of Administrative Law, which has up to 90 days to review them. 

How CookiePro Helps

CookiePro facilitates consumer “Do Not Sell” requests within the platform to execute on consumers’ rights to opt-out under the CCPA.

With the new CCPA data deletion spec now available, the CookiePro team is working closely with vendors to incorporate deletion request options for consumers directly into the CMP

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