BLOG | Cookie Compliance | January 20, 2021

How to Boost Opt-In Rates with A/B Testing

Learn how to boost opt-in consent rates with A/B testing using CookiePro's Cookie Consent technology.

Recent global data privacy regulations require organizations to include a cookie banner that asks permission for consent. Today, companies of all sizes are challenged with deploying a banner that doesn’t create an extra layer of friction and hinder the user experience.

For instance, if a user decides to abandon the website or mobile app and doesn’t provide consent due to the cookie banner’s UI, that action impacts opt-ins and the marketing performance tracking. This can ultimately lead to a decrease in revenue and personalized ad delivery.

So, what’s the solution to maximizing consent rates, user experience, and ad delivery? We recommend using out-of-the-box templates, applying A/B testing, monitoring consent rates for all the banners tested and reconfiguring your banner based on the winning variation.

How CookiePro Helps

CookiePro customers have had success with testing many banner versions with variations to measure consumer opt-in rates. A best practice is to narrow the field to several of the highest performing interactions to run additional rounds of testing. Continuous measurement and iteration are key as well as keeping in line with the data protection regulations and recent enforcement action

Configure Your Banner Variations: Customize multiple cookie banner to test different variants such as colors, button text, banner placement and vendors. As you are creating different cookie banner variations, be sure to stay within your jurisdiction’s guidelines.

Deploy and Monitor Opt-Ins: Easily deploy A/B Testing and monitor cookie banner opt-ins in an interactive consent dashboard.

Iterate and Improve Based on Testing: Once the testing is complete, reconfigure your cookie banner using the winning variation to maximize opt-ins.

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