CookiePro Blog 5 minutes | November 26, 2019

DAA Releases CCPA Opt-Out Tools & Requirements

With just five weeks to go before the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) goes into effect, the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), an independent organization that focuses on establishing and enforcing digital privacy best practices, announced that is launching new CCPA Opt-Out tools for publishers, brands, agencies, and adtech.

The finalized mechanism provides consumers with a clear and recognizable mechanism to opt-out of the sale of their personal information – a key requirement of the CCPA.

This announcement comes shortly after the IAB Tech Lab released the first version of technical specs for the IAB CCPA Framework, and Google announced that sites and apps will be able to deactivate personalized ad serving and restrict data processing across its ad products in preparation for CCPA.

With other industry organizations releasing solutions for the CCPA, Lou Mastria, DAA’s executive director, mentioned that the DAA solution will be compatible with the existing ecosystem and other advertising solutions.

Do Not Sell Button or Link

According to the DAA, all web and app publishers must display a CCPA-mandated text link and icon on their digital properties that link to a CCPA Opt-Out Tool for users to opt-out of the collection and sale of their personal information, including its use for interest-based advertising.

Although the CCPA doesn’t specify what the Do Not Sell button should actually look like, the DAA is taking a stab with the design below:

Digital Advertising Agency DAA
DAA Proposed Icon

CookiePro Opt-Out Builder

If you collect and transfer the personal information of California residents, you may be subject to the CCPA Opt-Out provision. Our team recently launched the industry’s first CCPA Opt-Out solution. The builder aims to help website owners, publishers and advertisers comply with CCPA requirements provided by the law itself, as well as advertising frameworks and guidelines.

Using the Opt-Out builder, you are able to create and customize a sleek and actionable “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” link or button for your website that integrates with Google Ads Manager and the IAB CCPA Framework.

Coming Soon…

Our team is actively monitoring finalized requirements by the DAA and plans to integrate the DAA tool into the CookiePro Opt-Out builder.

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