CookiePro Blog March 30, 2020

CookiePro + WordPress: Integration and Plugins

There are more than 55,000 plugins and themes available for WordPress sites. These plugins can be used to improve site performance and functionality. Many of the plugins and themes used for WordPress sites may drop cookies to track site visitor engagement and other behaviors. Plugins for WordPress sites also set third-party cookies, which is important to know when complying with the CCPA and other global regulations. 

If your WordPress site does not have plugins, it will still have session and comment cookies. Session cookies are used to store the user’s login details. The username and encrypted form of password is stored and cookies are dropped. Also, when users comment on the WordPress website, WordPress comment cookies are dropped. 

The WordPress plugins from CookiePro offer different solutions to help you comply with global cookie laws. There are two: The CCPA Opt-Out Plugin and the Cookie Banner Plugin. Read more to get a deep dive into how these plugins work and how they can help your site! 

CCPA Opt-Out Plugin 

Under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and many other global privacy laws, website visitors are given the right to choose not to allow the sale of their personal data. 

The CCPA opt-out builder plugin allows you to customize and add a CCPA-compliant “Do Not Sell” button to your website. Customize the Do Not Sell button and even choose where it falls on your website. Once published, website visitors can see the information that you need to provide to be compliant. The button can also link to an information request form if they want to request updating or deleting their personal data.   

How To Use It

Installing WordPress plugins is easy, here’s how: 

  1. Install and activate the Do Not Sell plugin on your WordPress website. Once it’s downloaded, it will appear on the left side of your dashboard.  
  2. Customize the button to match your branding and legal needs.  
  3. Click save, select publish, and the button will be on your website. 

Cookie Banner Plugin 

Because cookies can store identifiable information, it’s important to know what cookies your site has so you can inform your consumers and visitors to your site. CookiePro is a trusted cookie consent tool for compliance with the latest cookie laws.   

Adding a CookiePro cookie banner plugin to your existing WordPress site gets you one step closer to cookie compliance. The cookie banner plugin allows you to insert an automatically generated cookie banner and preference center in a simple script box on your website.   

How To Use It

  1. Sign up for a CookiePro account.  
  2. Scan your website and review the cookie categories  
  3. Style and configure your custom cookie banner and preference center all in the CookiePro app  
  4. Once you’ve updated your banner and preference center, simply copy the CookiePro script and paste it into the script box on your Wordpress site. 

When you decide to change or update the cookie banner or preference center on your WordPress site, the CookiePro banner plugin allows you to make edits directly within the CookiePro app, save the changes, and see the script automatically update on your page! This makes coding and scripting your WordPress site for cookie compliance a breeze. 

WordPress is just one of our many integrations that seamlessly blend into your existing CMS for an easy, all-in-one cookie compliance solution. 

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