CookiePro Blog July 10, 2020

CookiePro Partnerships on the Rise: Monetary Benefits

With the ever-changing global privacy landscape and organizations struggling to keep up, our partner program has truly taken off. We’re growing bigger every day alongside our network of partners who team up with us to create value that goes far beyond product expertise. Not only do we provide an easy-to-deploy tool, but also a dedicated support team, agile R&D team, and a group of lawyers who analyze and provide guidance for every new regulation.

If you have clients or customers that are concerned with compliance, we have the tools to help you scale consent across their websites to comply with CCPA, GDPR, LGPD and 100s of others. Our Partner program is designed for customer-centric agencies, service providers, and resellers looking to expand their offerings and deliver a compliant website solution for their customers using the best technology in the market.

Leverage our Revenue Calculators to see how much you could make by reselling or referring CookiePro to your clients.

To help our partners understand the monetary benefits of our partnership, we created an interactive revenue calculator that allows you to plug in the number of domains your organization may resell and see your monthly earnings.

Managed Service Providers

Sign up to be a managed service provider to unlock new opportunities, differentiate your service offering, and grow your business as a CookiePro Managed Service Provider, while also receiving monetary benefits.

As CookiePro’s primary services partner, you’ll deliver world-class training and supportive technical services that enable you to scale consent across your customers’ websites.

To support and enhance your success, we offer role-specific training, accreditations, and extensive sales and marketing benefits: everything you need to accelerate deals, market, and win with us as a team.

Referral Partners

CookiePro is the most powerful, easy-to-deploy, user-friendly platform on the market and the easiest way for your audience to ensure their website’s compliance with privacy regulations & frameworks.

As a CookiePro partner, our models can help you earn more per client on a monthly or annual basis by reselling CookiePro to your clients.

Refer CookiePro using your custom code to drive adoption while earning a 30% commission for every month that your referral stays with CookiePro.

Don’t wait to get started, it’s just a click away!

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