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CookiePro Partner Program: MSP vs. Affiliate

As the #1 cookie banner tool and consent management platform, CookiePro simplifies compliance with regulations such as the GDPR, CCPA, LGPD...

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As the #1 cookie banner tool and consent management platform, CookiePro simplifies compliance with regulations such as the GDPR, CCPA, LGPD while providing a trusted user experience for website users. The CookiePro Partner Program allows participating organizations to differentiate the business, grow opportunities, and drive website compliance for their customers.

Read more to learn about the CookiePro Partner Program, how it works, and all the benefits.

Partner Program Types

CookiePro grows bigger every day alongside our network of partners who team up with us to create value that goes beyond product expertise. There are two types of CookiePro Partners: Managed Service Providers (MSP) and Affiliate Partners.

Managed Service Providers

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) organizations will have the opportunity to deliver CookiePro services as part of their business solutions. These businesses will be responsible for purchasing, implementing, and supporting CookiePro for their customers. They will have access to an administrative portal with the ability to manage end customers. This model works by giving partners a 40% discount off CookiePro with the option to provide their own pricing to the end customer.

The Managed Service Provider Partner is designed for customer-centric agencies, service providers, and resellers looking to expand their offering and deliver a compliant website solution for their customers. Additionally, with concerns over increasing regulations, all our partners will be a part of our partner network with access to best practices.

Affiliate Partner

As an Affiliate Partner organizations will have the opportunity to make a commission when referring clients to CookiePro. Partners under this model will receive a 30% commission based on the subscriptions fees actually paid by end-users referred by the partner for the first three years. Every partner will get their own unique referral code that clients can used to sign up on CookiePro.com. These customers will have the option to set up CookiePro themselves or purchase one of the Quick Start Packages.

One of the major benefits of this model is that customers handle setup and implementation – by purchasing the additional Quick-Start Package or using our support team. Additionally, organizations will have access to support documentation, tutorials, and email support to help get started with the Affiliate program.

Partnership Benefits

With any CookiePro partner model, organizations can earn more per client on a monthly or annual basis by reselling CookiePro to clients. For example, if an organization has 10 clients, that could equate to up to $180 of monthly recurring revenue at the Enterprise level.

Calculate your expected revenue with our free revenue calculator.

Who Partners with CookiePro?

The CookiePro Partner Program Network is compromised of a diverse group of organizations – from industry and size. Typically, our partners are:

  • Agencies & Digital Consultants – ensures the clients/ brand they represent are meeting compliance requirements.
  • Publishers & Advertisers – optimize advertisements in a trusted and personalized manner that meets compliance requirements.
  • Developers – a zero-code compliance tool with the ability to share the product with the developer community.

Never Do It Alone – We’re Here to Help

No matter what partner model a company decides on, they will have access to a network of support:

  • Product Support – CookiePro is laser focused on being the best in the industry. When a new feature is released, we will communicate with you and provide training if needed. Additionally, our support team can help with product implementation and provide support anytime.
  • Research Support – Our legal and privacy teams continually monitor and drive the improvement of products based on the regulatory landscape. CookiePro is powered by OneTrust, comprised of a fast-growing team of privacy, security and third-party risk technology experts worldwide. Our in-house privacy professionals and CookiePro’s CIPP/E certified team drive technological innovation for organizations and their clients.
  • Marketing Support  – We will provide you with all the sales and marketing materials you need to engage your clients such as competitive intel, data sheets, white papers, graphics, and case studies.
  • Sales Support – CookiePro has a team of dedicated partner representatives that can assist with customer calls, demos, and sales related questions.
  • Integrations Support – CookiePro makes it easy to integrate with the tools you use. We support several different content management systems, web development tools, and tag manager integrations to get up and running quickly.

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