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Partner: Verve Graphic Design & Marketing

Hear from Julian Smout, Managing Director at Verve Graphic Design & Marketing, who highlights the his partnership with CookiePro.

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As the #1 trusted consent tool in the world, CookiePro is committed to helping you and your customers comply with global regulations, including GDPR and CCPA. The CookiePro Partner Program gives you the resources to enhance your business and succeed in providing your clients with a comprehensive, easy-to-use consent tool.

Hear from Julian Smout, Managing Director at Verve Graphic Design & Marketing, who highlights his partnership with CookiePro.

As a Managing Director of a successful Digital Agency, it is imperative that we choose partners we can trust. We found CookiePro to be a very useful resource to get us through and keep us up to date with GDPR. CookiePro was a big part of the process for us, and we found it simple to set up and keep it updated for all our clients. We are now looking at other areas that CookiePro specializes in to help ensure we are keeping our client’s digital presence secure and conforming with an ever-changing legislation.

Question: What was your biggest challenge before you started using CookiePro?

Answer: With us, it was that most modules we used turned off all cookies if cookies were disabled, and therefore rendered our site useless. However, CookiePro makes it easy to segment the cookies and for the visitor to turn off only the cookies that will record marketing information.

Question: What drove you to look for a solution to solve that challenge?

Answer: Customers would refuse to have a cookie banner on their websites and therefore were not strictly conforming to GDPR. More importantly, without cookie banners, our customers were missing out on potential sales from visitors who would not trust their site because there was not a clear cookie policy.

Question: Why did you choose CookiePro?

Answer: Ease of use, ease of install, trust, and affordability.

Question: What are three benefits you’ve experienced from partnering with CookiePro and how has it helped your organization?

Answer: Peace of mind, a great resource, and a policy that is structured in the same way for all our clients, therefore, giving uniformity. It has helped by giving us a clear approach and the confidence to offer it this solution to our clients. We always found it a nightmare to know what to advise before we partnered with CookiePro.

Question: What would you say to somebody who is considering partnering with CookiePro?

Answer: I would say that we have now partnered with CookiePro for a year and a half and continue to add more clients to our CookiePro portfolio.

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