CookiePro Blog March 20, 2020

CookiePro Developer Portal: Cookie Manager

Developers who use CookiePro and/or OneTrust have access to a resource for API documentation and easy-to-use code to integrate external systems into the OneTrust platform.  

No matter what modules you have with OneTrust, you can access dedicated sections in the Developer Portal to find the needs of you and your users. The API provides developers with an open framework to build from and you can access documentation to improve your integration and deployment efforts. 

The Cookie Manager section allows users to get code from an extensive script library. All users can access the developer portal by visiting this article for Developer Portal Access. The credentials are always listed on this page. 

The developer portal also serves as a way to achieve your business goals with a wealth of APIs available. Whether you’re a partner or a third-party developer, the CookiePro developer portal has what you’ll need. 

The portal gives you sections to choose from, for this blog we’ll talk about the cookie consent module APIs. The Cookie Manager has a list of endpoints, each with a short blurb that highlights what it does.  

Once you select one of the endpoints, you can then drop it down by clicking the Get button. This is where you can get the details of how to implement the API. 

For users who are a little more tech-savvy, the OneTrust Developers Portal is an easy place to grab the most used API scripts for all third-parties.  

CookiePro for Developers  

CookiePro is built by an R&D team of over 600 employees. With new features released every three weeks, we’re constantly innovating and enhancing the platform to meet the demands of the ever-changing regulatory climate and the needs of our customers. 

Effortless Setup. Setting up CookiePro is quick and easy.  With pre-built templates and auto-blocking, you’ll have a compliant banner on your site with just a few clicks. 

Open and Flexible. Leverage our in-app integration marketplace, plug-and-play add-ons, and open API framework to customize the setup to meet your specific needs. 

Ready to Scale. From small blogs to websites with millions of visitors a day, CookiePro powers thousands of websites and is tested and proven for every stage of your growth. 

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