CookiePro Blog June 3, 2020

CookieConnect Online Workshops Available

CookieConnect online workshops focus on regional cookie guidance and best practices to comply with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and other global regulatory bodies.

CookiePro is excited to announce open registration for free OneTrust CookieConnect Online workshops in cities around the world. These educational online events provide professionals worldwide the opportunity to network with others in their city during live, practitioner-led sessions, and online activities.

CookieConnect workshops are online events hosted by OneTrust experts, focusing on regional cookie guidance from global regulatory bodies including the CNIL, ICO, and CCPA.

CookiePro and OneTrust work in collaboration to provide customers with educational information as the ever-changing landscape can be complicated with cookie guidance provided by multiple global regulators and advisories.

The workshops will provide an in-depth review of guidance, enforcements, and case studies from regulatory bodies from around the world, supported by discussion from a panel of experts. Attendees will also learn how to implement cookies in practice and discover the strategies and best practices for ongoing cookie compliance. 

The interactive format will enable attendees to share their experiences and discuss best practice for ongoing compliance.

All CookieConnect Online workshops will conclude with an expert panel discussion, followed by a Q&A session where attendees can engage and ask questions about cookie guidance and implementation issues that they are finding the most pressing.  

Register for a free CookieConnect Online Workshop today

Alongside the signature OneTrust CookieConnect Online workshops, there are also new dates for the other premiere Connect virtual events. These include:  

  • PublisherConnect: PublisherConnect is a free, virtual workshop focused on the challenges and opportunities publishers face while complying with regulations and ad tech frameworks, and incorporating guidance from local supervisory authorities, such as the CCPA, CNIL, ICO and IAB Europe TCF 2.0. This workshop will allow publishers and ad tech vendors to connect, share experiences, and learn more about the latest trends, techniques and best practices to drive user engagement and retain ad revenue under new privacy regulations. 
  • MarketingConnect: This series, designed for marketers, is focused on driving engagement, brand loyalty and trust with customers through user preference management, including the recommended steps to your own Preference Center and how to extend to your mobile apps. Attendees will connect with marketing peers and experts, gaining the knowledge to be proactive with preference management.  

Register for a free CookieConnect Online Workshop today

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