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CookiePro Blog January 9, 2020

Cookie Banner Best Practices by Regulation

To comply with global privacy regulations, website owners need to use cookie banners to provide a notice about the cookies on a website before they are dropped.

However, the increase in the number of regulations and frameworks—each with a slightly different take on data collection consent—means having a generic cookie banner is unlikely to be enough to comply with the various requirements.

Cookie banners should instead reflect the specific cookies consent requirements based on the user’s location, which can be especially challenging for sites with a global presence. With CookiePro’s geolocation feature, country- and state-specific guidance is built into the technology to help customers adapt their cookie display and consent collection policies based on the user’s browser location.

In a recent article, we take look at cookie banner best practices according to GDPR, CCPA, ICO, CNIL, LGPD, and the Nevada Privacy Law (SB-220) to help websites stay compliant.

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