BLOG | Cookie Compliance | September 01, 2021

Bridge the Gap: Cookie Compliance and User Experience

Reviewing the myriad of global privacy regulations and guidance to understand individual cookie consent compliance requirements is not an...

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Reviewing the myriad of global privacy regulations and guidance to understand individual cookie consent compliance requirements is not an easy task. And for most organizations, determining a way to achieve clear and transparent cookie compliance while providing optimal user experience can quickly become a challenge.

Over the past couple of years, many regulatory bodies all over the world have issued guidance and recommendations to companies on the use of cookies. This can range from cookie wall stipulations and implied consent to the use of analytic cookies and the duration of valid consent.

While many regulations and guidance can share similar cookie compliance themes, the biggest challenge is pinpointing the differences from one authority to the next. Cookie compliance guidance can also go beyond what’s issued by Data Protection Authorities (DPAs). There are international frameworks and regulations that organizations need to be aware of, such as the revised draft of the ePrivacy Regulation. Additionally, the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework is also important to track but has recently received criticism from the Belgian DPA.

It’s very apparent cookie compliance is here to stay and will most likely become more intense in the future. Therefore, it’s important websites create a balance between the end-user experience while maintaining compliance with an abundance of laws and frameworks, despite the difficulty.

Despite the varying and complex network of regulations to navigate, cookie compliance still remains the focus of most data protection authorities. Most notably, the Spanish AEPD recently issued enforcement actions for unlawful cookie practices. Also, the CNIL has adopted its final recommendations and amended guidelines on cookies and other trackers.

The growing trend of increased user awareness regarding their privacy rights under regulations such as GPDR and CCPA will directly correlate with additional focus from DPAs. Therefore, cookie compliance becomes a key factor for maintaining customer trust in addition to avoiding reputational damage or monetary penalties and fines.

Your ultimate goal is to increase opt-in rates by providing an engaging user experience as well as enhancing transparency around your processing activities. To be successful in balancing cookie compliance and user experience there are some key topics that should be considered:

  • Transparency – a critical factor in the user experience and a clear user interface can be a deciding factor for opt-ins as well as helping towards compliance.
  • Accessibility – Your cookie notice and policy should be easily accessible, especially to those using screen readers or other accessibility aides, to ensure compliance with accessibility laws and privacy legislation.
  • Design and User Interface – CookiePro offers an extensive library of professionally designed templates and cookie banner layouts to balance compliance requirements with your brand’s approach to user experience whether this is a minimalist approach or something more assertive.
  • Synchronization Across Devices – Users are more connected than ever and now expect their preferences to be synchronized across their mobile device, personal computer, or any number of devices in the IoT.

Let CookiePro Help

The best user experience starts by providing clear transparency to your users. Start categorizing your cookies and tracking technologies with our free website scanner. Then, check out our Cookie Banner Gallery to see how you can set up the best regulatory compliant cookie banner that also promotes user experience.

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