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Cookieless World: Why You Still Need a Cookie Banner

Since Google’s announcement that by the end of 2023 it will officially stop supporting third-party cookies on its Chrome browser, has...

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Since Google’s announcement that by the end of 2023 it will officially stop supporting third-party cookies on its Chrome browser, has caused many to wonder: Do I Still Need a Cookie Banner in a Cookieless World?

The answer is yes, of course. Read our blog to learn more about why you still need a cookie banner and how to prepare for the future of a cookieless world.

What is a Cookieless World?

Google’s decision to end third-party cookies comes as a result of the increased focus on privacy by users and regulators. The good news is Google’s deadline allows companies time to adjust and prepare. It’s no secret that advertisers and marketing campaigns will be the most impacted by this shift. The problem is creating personalization without impacting the users’ privacy and the companies’ bottom line.

While Google has been working hard to come up with alternative solutions such as initiatives in its Privacy Sandbox, it still has a long way to be fully functional for most organizations. However, there is one major opportunity all companies can use to prepare for this shift: first-party data.

The Value of First-Party Data

First-Party Data originates directly from consumers and may be collected to support a transaction or as a support or service requirement.

There are many benefits to First-Party Data:

  • Better Quality of Data: Especially compared to purchasing that data from a third-party.
  • Increased Personalize Campaigns: In addition to better quality data, collecting first party data allows marketers to increase personalized campaigns across all stages of the customer buyer journey. Information such as purchase intentions and preferences are useful to improve your personalization strategy and help build a more accurate picture of who exactly is your customer.
  • Offer a Clear Value Exchange: It’s important for companies to understand that when they are transparent about their data collection, 79% of consumers are willing to share their data if there’s a clear benefit for them.
  • Discover New Audiences: Implement more advanced authentication strategies that support retargeting and suppression, such as choosing a market identifier that integrates with your consent and preference centers.

Essentially, a cookie banner is the easiest way to prove transparency and collect first-party data from your users. Adding first-party data to your cookie banner or consent management platform (CMP) such as CookiePro, you have the ability to integrate with advanced tools to capture, centralize, govern, and sync data while keeping trust and transparency at the forefront of all consumer interactions.

Go Beyond Cookie Banners

CookiePro provides access to the toolsets to streamline privacy and marketing activities. When providing transparency and choice to consumers, businesses can build mutually-beneficial relationships with customers and enhance compliance with global privacy requirements.

CookiePro automates privacy compliance for marketing, publishing, and advertising activities by:

  • Collecting, consent, preference, and first-party data
  • Centralizing customer consents for proof of compliance
  • Maintaining compliance with global regulations and frameworks.

Increase ROI with a privacy-first approach across digital properties and channels – all while adhering to global privacy requirements from GDPR, CCPA, and more.

Get started today by requesting a free demo.

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