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Optimize Cookie Consent Performance with Global CDN & Asynchronous Loading

The expansion of global privacy laws increasingly puts emphasis on how customer data is collected, stored, and shared. It’s likely...

Optimize Cookie Consent - Asynchronous Loading

The expansion of global privacy laws increasingly puts emphasis on how customer data is collected, stored, and shared. It’s likely that your organization needs a consent solution, also known as a consent management platform (CMP). Whether it’s for your website, mobile application, or even CTV application, there are many different components that go into building a comprehensive CMP. Forward-thinking organizations are not only building a CMP that meets compliance standards but also ensuring that their CMP is a positive part of the overall user experience and doesn’t negatively impact their website’s performance.

If you are a producer or consumer of web content, there’s no denying the importance of page speed. The longer a webpage takes to load, it’s likely the bounce rate will instantly skyrocket. For example, pages that load within two seconds have an average bounce rate of 9%, while pages that load in five seconds see their bounce rate increase to 38%. The two-to-three second mark is the turning point for bounce rates. In fact, 40% of consumers will wait no more than three seconds before abandoning a site.

As previously mentioned in our Cookie Consent SEO blog, the performance of your cookie banner, or CMP, is important for optimizing SEO, ensuring fast page speed, and delivering a positive user experience. Next, we will detail the importance of implementing a CMP that uses a balanced global content delivery network (CDN) system paired with asynchronous loading to ensure the impact on the page is minimized.

Global CDN: Scalable for a Global Audience

It’s completely normal in today’s times to have a global audience whether you are an SMB or enterprise business. Having a global audience makes it important to have scripts on your websites load by a global CDN, which is a geographically distributed group of servers optimized to deliver content to end-users. CDNs were built to make the Internet work better, deliver media at a scale, and enable the connected experiences you have today.

In practice, this means the closest server to where you are accessing a site from will populate your request no matter your location, device, or network you are connecting from. When using a Global CDN, if a user far from the hose server visits a website, the CMP or cookie banner is served from a cache on an edge server, which is closer in location to the user than the original host server. Using a global CDN enables businesses to quickly deliver the banner to the end-user and support a global audience.

Asynchronous Loading: Improves Page Load Time

Whenever a web page loads, the browser looks for directions within the site’s code to render it. This information is provided by HTML tags. The tags tell the browser what content to display to a visitor and where to get it from; some content may come from your own servers, and some may come from 3rd party locations.

JavaScript tags are very common and are used to provide a wide range of functionality from analytics to videos, and are typically how CMPs are loaded. When loading a JavaScript tag, it can be loaded synchronously or asynchronously. The main difference is that when loading a synchronous script, a browser will wait until it has finished loading to continue to load other tags. On the other hand, asynchronous scripts are loaded in parallel with other tags. This means the browser can finish loading the page much more quickly.

Using a CMP that loads asynchronously will maximize your website performance and user experience.

OneTrust CMP: Build for Performance and Scalability

With CookiePro’s Cookie Consent solution, organizations can build trust with customers using the most powerful and dependable consent solution in the market. With reliable support and technology such as a 100% availability SLA, automated change management for optimal performance, and global CDN and asynchronous script deployment, companies can maximize the performance of their CMP using CookiePro. The CookiePro CMP loads from 250+ global locations and users’ server-side rendering to minimize payloads and accelerate page loads.

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