CookiePro Blog February 21, 2020

Consent Logging for Global Regulation Compliance

Consent logging has been a major topic of conversation since the passing of GDPR and CCPA. Consent logging is the collection of records of how users to a website opt-in or out to the website collecting their personal data. The records can then be used to maintain a detailed history of how users have interacted with a site and report that information out to authorities in the event of an audit. These records can also be analyzed to discover trends and potentially improve the occurrence of opt-ins on the site.  

As website privacy regulations continue to roll out, understanding how users interact with your site is crucial to complying and avoiding penalties. In addition to the rules for when and how and from whom data can be collected, most regulations also maintain a look back rule that can apply to any infractions that have occurred in the past. Recording any interaction that users have with your cookie banner and preference center is required to demonstrate compliance in the event of an audit.  

Obtaining Consent Under CCPA and GDPR 

The GDPR and CCPA both require organizations to provide informed notice to website visitors and obtain consent before collecting certain types of personal data. You can set your cookie banners and preference centers up to log records of consent and consent preferences from site visitors.  

When you enable logging for specific cookie categories, you can log and view consent records and maintain detailed receipts for visitors to your site. The user is identified by a unique, anonymous cookie set on their device. Because the cookie does not contain any identifiable information at this point, its use is compliant with global privacy regulations. 

GDPR also requires details for how to look up user choices by user in the case of an audit by regulators. Users must also be able to withdraw their consent or change their consent via the cookie banner or preference center. 

How CookiePro Helps

CookiePro is an all-in-one solution for compliance with global privacy regulations. The robust reporting feature ensures that your organization has access to any all records of consent receipts over time.  

  • Customize the consent your website requires and narrow it down by region, country, and even down to the state level with Geolocation Rules. 
  • Understand website visitor interactions with your cookie banner through a “Percent of Opt-In By Purpose” and see how interactions perform over time. 
  • Verify that your website is gathering consent properly with the ability to monitor the consent log in real-time as users interact with your site. 
  • Get details about opt-in and opt-out metrics from your website visitors, which can help in the review of how your company approaches consent. Narrow down the metrics and target consent models by cookie categories from one dashboard. 
  • A detailed dashboard gives you an overview of who is interacting with your site, what their preferences are, and the analytics of how many banner transactions are completed over time.  
  • Demonstrate your compliance with GDPR and CCPA with an exportable report of detailed cookie consent records. 
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