BLOG | Cookie Compliance | December 05, 2019

CCPA Compliance Checklist: 4-Week Countdown

This week in our CCPA Compliance Checklist blog series, we’ll review the importance of maintaining detailed, ongoing records of consent.

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The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is less than four weeks away from going into effect, and we’re getting prepared with a CCPA Compliance blog series.

Last week, we discussed #6 off our checklist about creating a toll-free number for consumer to make data requests over the phone. This week, we’ll review #7 about maintaining detailed, ongoing records of consent to demonstrate full compliance.

CCPA Compliance Checklist

  1. Understand what the CCPA is and if it applies to you
  2. Determine what data is collected from California consumers and for what purposes they are used
  3. Inform visitors what personal information is collected when visiting your website
  4. Offer an online form for consumers to access, request deletion, or opt out of sales of their personal information  
  5. Add a “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” link to our website’s homepage and privacy policy
  6. Create a toll-free number for consumers to make consumer rights’ requests over the phone
  7. Maintain detailed, ongoing consent records for compliance   
  8. Develop a process to respond to consumer requests within 45 days from when the request was made  
  9. Obtain opt-in consent from children between ages 13-16 to sell their information; a parent of legal guardian required to opt in on behalf of children under 13 years old  
  10. Provide consumers who exercise their privacy rights the same products and service quality

Maintain Consent Records with CookiePro  

You’ve set up a cookie banner. Now what? You need to maintain records of consent from your website visitors to demonstrate true compliance.

CookiePro works with many regulators globally to understand compliance reporting expectations and has extensive capabilities to demonstrate compliance. Granular records of consent and audit trails are available on-demand within the CookiePro platform.

By serving as your central repository for consent, CookiePro helps generate granular reports to streamline internal and external audits. With CookiePro, you can maintain an up-to-date and complete record of consent for your contact database, including detailed records such as who consented; when they consented; what they were told at the time; and how they consented.

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