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CCPA Amendments Signed into Law

Last Friday, October 11, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed five bills into law under the CCPA. Learn what this means for your organization.

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Last Friday, October 11, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed five bills into law under the CCPA. With less than three months before the CCPA goes into effect, businesses will now need to take into account these amendments as they continue their compliance efforts.

This comes shortly after the Attorney General drafted regulations on October 10 who is planning to hold a public hearing December 6, 2019 in four California cities to hear comments. Those interested will have an opportunity to submit comments regarding the proposed CCPA regulations at the public hearings, by mail, or by email.

Below are the summaries of the amendments signed by the governor.  

AB 1564 – Right to Delete

Under CCPA, businesses need to provide at minimum two methods for consumers to submit information and deletion requests, which includes a toll-free phone number and email address at the very least. 

AB 25 – Employee Data

The CCPA does not apply to personal information collected from job applicants, contractors or employees. The legislature will revisit the issue January 1, 2021.

AB 874 – Aggregated Consumer Information

This bill clarifies that personal information does not include re-identified or aggregated consumer information.

AB 1146 – Vehicle Information

Vehicle information is exempted from the right of deletion. This includes information related to vehicle repairs, warranties and recalls.

AB 1355 – Differential Treatment

This allows differential treatment of a consumer who has exercised CCPA rights, if the treatment is provided to the business by the consumer’s information. Businesses are required to disclose in their privacy policy the consumer’s right to request specific pieces of information and the categories of information collected by businesses consumer information from the law.


Listen to a webinar hosted by OneTrust, CookiePro’s parent company, who discusses the details of the attorney general’s regulations and what you need to do to comply.


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