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Apple’s iOS 14 Privacy Updates Will Show How Apps Are Tracking You

At the Worldwide Developer Conference on Monday, Apple announced a range of new privacy features that will be bundled into iOS 14. Learn about the new features.

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At the Worldwide Developer Conference on Monday, Apple announced a range of new privacy features that will be bundled into iOS 14, including new protections against user tracking on apps and websites, as well as incremental updates to a range of pre-existing systems.

New Tracking Controls

With the latest buzz around privacy and personal data, consumers expect more from tech companies – see our article from last week about how Zoom faced backlash after refusing to provide end-to-end encryption to free users.

At WWDC, Apple stepped up to the plate and outlined how “privacy is a fundamental human right,” as it revealed new iPhone features that help better control who can access and share your data.

Data Collection

The iOS 14 update will provide users with an itemized list of data that apps may collect including location data, financial information, browsing history, and camera and microphone recordings. This data is broken down into “Data Linked to You” and “Data Used to Track You.”

Opt-In Model

A key difference is that users will now have to opt-in for apps to access their data, which is a stark contrast to the previous opt-out model that was previously used to avoid tracking.

Location Tracking

Specifically for apps tracking location, users will have the option to share their approximate location rather than their exact coordinates.

Transparency Measures

Additionally, the new operating system will include a new transparency measure that prevents apps from using cameras or microphones without a user’s knowledge. Whenever a microphone or camera is activated, iPhones will now display an orange dot in the upper right corner.

How CookiePro Helps

With the increased use of technology that collects personal information and growing concerns over how personal information is used, it’s more important than ever to be transparent and build trust with your audience. 

CookiePro gives you the tools you need to request consent prior to the collection and processing of personally identifiable information (PII).

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