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Agencies and Consultants

If you’re a digital consultant, web development agency, or marketing firm whose clients are concerned with cookie compliance, we have the tools to help you scale cookie consent across your website, as well as your customer’s websites.

Our platform makes it simple for you to get your customers compliant under EU privacy regulations like the GDPR and ePrivacy. We make it easy get started quickly without sacrificing quality or functionality.

Solutions for You and Your Clients

Scan your Website and Collect Consent

  • Scan your website against Cookiepedia, the world’s largest database of 11 million pre-categorized cookies
  • Customize your cookie banner and preference center and give users advanced control over their choices​
  • Use geolocation to display different cookie banners and consent models based on the visitor’s location

Track Detailed Consent Records

  • Facilitate “Do Not Sell” or opt-out preference with a “Do Not Sell Personal Information” link for CCPA compliance
  • Create custom branded preference centers with advanced user interfaces to improve customer loyalty
  • Streamline internal and external audits with complete records of consent in a central database

Automate Customer Rights Requests

  • Communicate through a secure web portal while generating detailed records of communication
  • Leverage CCPA-specific response workflows to help your organization respond to requests appropriately
  • Auto-assign tasks within your organization by using custom workflows to streamline fulfillment

Integrates with Tools You Use

CookiePro makes it easy to integrate with the tools you use. We support a number of different content management systems, web development tools and tag manager integrations so you can get up and running quickly and confidently.

Google Tag Manager
Google Tag Manager
CookiePro Google Analytics Integration
Google Analytics

Partnership Opportunities

Partner with the most widely used technology focused on innovation, privacy research, expert support and the largest active user community.

Managed Service Provider

  • 40% off discount on CookiePro list price
  • Purchase CookiePro on behalf of clients
  • Responsible for customer setup, billing and support

Reseller Model

  • 30% commission on subscription fees paid
  • Clients purchase directly from CookiePro
  • CookiePro handles billing and customer support

Take Advantage of Both Models

Interested in both models? No problem. Many of our current partners sign up for both models.

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